Friday, February 1, 2008

The Super Duper

I am pleased to report that as of Friday morning I had not read or viewed one single scrap of information on the Super Duper.

The two-week layoff between the conference finals and the Super Duper is a disgrace. Where is the point of diminishing returns on pre-game hype? I'd say about two and a half days, or the first story about an assistant coach's crippled daughter - whichever comes first.

Some hype is necessary, even good. But more hype isn't gooder.

It's just hyper.

According to Tim Sullivan of the New York Post, "Teams that average more than 27 points in the regular season are 22-2-1 in the Super Bowl. The Giants average 23.2 points. The Patriots 35.6."

Got that?

Big Tim also points out the Pats have not covered in eons, and if you subtract 23.2 from 35.6 you get 12.4. By an odd coincidence, the opening line today is 12 points.

But I keep remembering the intensity of the Giants in that final regular season matchup, when they had nothing on the line and nobody (well, almost nobody) would have blamed them if they sat their regulars.

So the play for me is New York plus the 12 points. Final score, New England 34-28.

I'm looking forward to this. Maroney zig-zagging and breaking tackles for New England; the Patriot linebackers trying to tip Young Master Manning's throws. New York trying to blast it up the middle and not getting anywhere until about midway through the third quarter, when all of a sudden the holes appear; a death-defying Manning-to-Burress heave that gives the Giants momentum heading into the half.

And that inevitable, evil moment so familiar to the fans of teams that played New England this year - when Brady gets the ball with about three minutes left, two timeouts plus the two-minute warning. You just know they're going to score.


Rather last minute - a young lady friend is coming over, she cares not one whit about the Sooper Dooper but likes my cooking.

So, Bachelor Stir-Fry (Kwik-E version):

Bone and dice chicken breast meat, put in goop consisting of horseradishy mustard, blob of olive oil, blob or two of Paul Newman balsamic stuff left over from summer, some hot peppers from a jar, and blob of honey, let sit in frig.

Grab what veg are at hand, which tonight are a bag of Stop and Shop Ranch Veg, half a bag of S & S pepper strips, regular onion, can of black beans.

Serve on Trader Joe's pasta, as Mom sent me about 50 pounds of various types and I haven't even made a dent in the supply.

It's a two-pot meal - one for the noodles and a big frying pan for everything else. Plus we'll finish the holiday turkey soup if she wants. She's bringing dessert.

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