Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Esquire Goes With Yoot

Well, darn. 

I didn't make the final cut in Esquire's "Best-Dressed Real Man" contest.

A gaggle of callow youths did, including these two from New York.

Note that the first fellow has apparently grown a lot since he bought the suit. The second guy looks tremendously fussy, as if he arranges the paper clips in order of size and puts them in the proper compartment in his desk organizer next to the colored pencils which are sorted according to the spectrum, with the darkest colors on the left although maybe they could be set up by the color wheel which shows which colors complement which (but never ever match) and...

In fairness, it's hard to imagine Esquire giving the nod to a guy who buys most of his stuff at thrift shops. 


Tony Ventresca said...

In retrospect, you should noted the brands of clothing you wear but not mentioned how you acquired it. Not to worry. We'll get it right next time.

Unknown said...

If being a yoot is all that's needed, I should have entered.