Monday, November 9, 2009

Hooray for Global Warming

I'll take this in November. Nice enough for lightweight chinos, breezy enough for a partially lined tweed jacket. Just wish I could be going fishing instead of frowsting about in the newsroom and, later, at the town hall in Falls Village, Conn.

Which is why I am stamping around looking annoyed.

The skinny:

Two-button tweed jacket, a sack, no less, from Eljo's in Charlottesville, Va. Brooks Brothers shirt and grenadine tie by Sam Hober. Cheap chinos by Lands End, and shoes from the late great Footjoy, purveyor of decent middlebrow footwear.

And a Wang in my pocket.

1 comment:

heavy tweed jacket said...

Absolutely _magnificent_ tweed jacket. Very subtle. Boy it looks warm over by you. If the weather stays like this where we are I might have too wear madras at Thanksgiving.