Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Signs of Spring

Opened up the Catskill house. Lots of dead mice strewn around; my D-Con assault worked, apparently.

Esopus Creek above the Portal. Water temps still cold; chucked everything in my fly box out there and didn't see a thing. Still, it was nice to get out of Dodge.

Found a pair of madras pants from the great Trimingham's shop in Bermuda. They were a little chewed up at the bottom so I had Gabriele convert them to shorts. And I found a bucket hat that actually fits my absurdly large head. It takes very little to make me happy these days.

Bucket hats, madras shorts, and fishing. Finally.

The effect was somewhat mitigated yesterday by a forest fire in the general vicinity of Mt. Riga.


Tighthead said...

What is the kit bag? It looks like a rugby (sport, not brand) tour bag.

Patrick said...

The bag was made by a Seattle company that a friend of mine worked for. I reuqested blue and orange a la the New York mets. It also has a whale on it, and some initials that stand for something unknown to me.

It's very sturdy, I like it a lot.

Peter Noy said...

Nice. Enjoy the fishing!

Tighthead said...

Does the company still exist? Name if you have it? Thanks. I went on several tours but we never got tour bags.

Patrick said...

I'll check later and let you know

Patrick said...

And here it is