Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Internet is Bad and Evil

A guy told me once, after maybe one too many cocktails, that he believed "the Internet hasn't made anybody's life better."

The remark stuck with me.

In the first instance, how is it that the junior high students are looking at porn? Any porn? I mean, it's not like they are 50 year old bachelors, stuck in the boonies, bored out of their minds, and...

Never mind.

The conspiracy guy posts nutty comments on political websites. If you click his user name this blog appears. Is he insane? Is it a clever sendup? If so, a sendup of what?

And why am I even asking these questions? I could be exercising, or reading Thackeray. (I don't know why I picked Thackeray. He is on my list of Important Authors I Will Never Read.)

Anyway, the Internet is bad and evil. There — I said it.

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