Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Le Slouch

After one summer day (87 degrees) and one spring day (75) we slipped back into April. Lined LL Bean chinos, which are the only LL chinos that don't have the Teflon; lined LLB shirt, old Lacoste, and beat-up Quoddys.

Yesterday at about 4:30 p.m. I caught an absolute hog in the Housatonic River — a rainbow about 28 inches long and at least six inches wide. Took a while to get him in. Size 14 olive soft-hackle wet on 4x tippet, 3 weight line. Of course this was the day I forgot to bring the camera.


heavy tweed jacket said...

Patrick, Nice Quoddys and a great casual look. How are the non-teflon lined LLB khakis? I had a pair of lined LLB khakis that finally gave up the ghost a few years ago. These look great.

Patrick said...

These are a few years old but I have a newer pair that are much the same.

The Double L chino is the best fit for me, but the regular ones have been non-iron for five or six years now at least.

Bean makes a couple of other chinos that are not non-iron but the cut is different.

If they brought back the old Double L I would buy as many pairs as I could afford and store them away.