Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mercer's straight collar

My introduction to Mercer and Sons shirts was in the form of the introductory offer of 25 percent off. I bought oxford-cloth buttondowns in white and blue — a bold venture, I agree.

I liked them just fine, and started looking at the other fabrics on the site.

After some back and forth with David Mercer, I picked up a couple of spring/summer plaids with the straight collar.

These can be worn as sport shirts, no problem. Or you can put in the stays and wear them with a tie. For some reason they don't look goofy to me, the way a buttondown gingham with a knit tie (as seen in the Lands End catalog) does.

Reminds me of the bailiff on "Night Court." It's the "I'm wearing a tie because I have to" look.

Maybe my affection for these shirts is due to the fact that I have to save for months to afford one. If it costs this much, I damn well better like it.

I've added a couple more over the years. I know people love the Mercer buttondown collar, but BDs are a dime a dozen. (Well, maybe not a dime.)

If I'm going to drop over $100 on a shirt I want something very different than the workhorse shirts I can get by the yard elsewhere.


heavy tweed jacket said...

Patrick, I, too, like straight collar shirts as an alternative to button downs. Nice looking jacket, shirt, and tie combination. Great post.

Hilton said...

Looks like a fine shirt!