Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Watched a guy in flip-flops and cargo shorts catch and kill a really nice wild rainbow with salted minnows on the Esopus a couple weeks ago. I give him credit — not easy fishing live bait in a fast-moving freestone river, and he got wet, which most baitslingers will not do. 

"That's going on the grill," he said as he clubbed it to death with a rock. OK. He's a meat fisherman and doesn't pretend to be anything else.

I took this very nice brown from the same pool as Uncle Meat about 30 minutes later. I was using a #10 Joe's Hopper for laughs and a #12 March Brown nymph with some weight on a three-foot dropper. 

I tried to get my boot in there for size comparison purposes, but it still looks smaller than it does in my mind.

Managed to get myself a little dose of Lyme disease. Caught it early so the Lyme part is done; the Doxycycline Shuffle is another thing entirely.

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