Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NFL 2013 week 11

I wasn't paying much attention to the NFL until the Jets knocked off the Saints. That woke me up a bit.

Looking at the schedule I see a few games that would be worth investing in:

New England (7-2, 1.34) +2.5 at Carolina (6-3, 1.86). Over the last few years I've learned the hard way — if you can get the Pats and the points, take them.

Kansas City (9-0, 1.94) +8 at Denver (8-1, 1.56). I can see being the underdog, but by eight? That's a lot of points to give an undefeated team. I'll take the Chiefs.

Detroit (6-3, 1.10) -2 at Pittsburgh (3-6, .82). Normally I take home 'dogs but every time I've seen the Steelers this year they've looked pretty bad.

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