Saturday, January 4, 2014

NFL Playoffs — Wild card round

Hahaha. Lost five of the six sure things week 16, which put me back an even $1000 (10 games at $100 each). So demoralized by that I didn't even bother with week 17.

So let's see — there are four playoff games this week, then four next week, that's eight. Two conference championships, that's 10. And the Super Duper, that's 11.

So if I run the table on the playoffs and pick the Super Duper then I come out one game over .500 for the season.

Piece of cake. Let's get started:


Indy -2.5 vs. KC: Chiefs went 9-0 to start, then beat only Redskins and Raiders afterwards. Colts beat Seattle, SF and Denver.

NO + 2.5 at Phila.: Saints have had terrible road games and Philly has hot hand. Nonetheless, playoffs are a different animal. I think Saints rise to challenge and pull off upset.


SD +7 at Cin: I think Bengals probably win this, but Chargers are loose and happy and just glad to be there. Big spread demands take underdog.

Why am I writing this in pidgin English?

GB +2.5 vs. SF: Hard to pass up packers with Rodgers, at home, with points, in the snow.

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