Thursday, March 20, 2008

Now Let Us Praise Pam Grier

In Coffy (1973) the great Pam Grier makes her debut as a star, shooting up large numbers of creeps in the process.

And shooting up is what it's all about. Coffy is a nurse whose little sister is strung out on heroin. Enraged, she acquires some armaments and proceeds to take out those responsible.

And she does all this while mostly naked.

Her victims, blinded by gazongas, are mostly unaware of the terrible fate that awaits until it's too late. (Nate.)

Think about it. You're a drug kingpin, your jacket has enormous lapels and you wear it in public without the slightest bit of self-consciousness, you're thinking everything is cool and you're about to horse around with this nice-looking lady and - BOOM!

It would be a particularly nasty way to go.

The plot isn't as idiotic as it sounds. Coffy's investigations eventually lead her back to her low-life politician boyfriend, who is in the sleaze up to his neck. She lets him have it in an extra-sensitive area, but hey, he told the bad guys to kill her not two hours earlier. Plus he had another girl upstairs. Fair's fair.

An even dozen hooters. Cat fight between hookers, with food. Incredibly Jewish actor pretending to be an Italian mobster, with mixed results. Heavy-handed political satire, with mixed results. Intensely cheesy soundtrack, with lots of wah-wah guitar.

As good as it gets in the blaxploitation genre. Four coils.

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