Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bye Bye, Barack

To be honest, I wasn't going to vote for Barack Obama in the general election anyway. I was willing to listen to him, however, because I thought that he actually had some legitimate juice, and I admired his idealism, however fuzzy.

But after this mess with his nut preacher pal, Obama stands revealed as a completely conventional politician.

The senator could have just faced up to it and said, "Yeah, I've been hearing this stuff for years, and maybe the fact it comes as such a shock says more about the country's complacency than about those in attendance."

Or he could have said: “I, like so many of my fellow Americans, must strive not to fall asleep during the sermon. So when Rev. Wright was making his most outrageous remarks, I must have dozed off. You know how hot it gets in that place?”

But no. First he denied knowing about the sermons or being there, and then he did the Double-Clutch: He retracted the denial and then disavowed the retraction.

Then he blamed everybody else, from the media to his granny.

Which tells me that the big "change" shtick is pure hooey - this is business as usual.

And if I'm going to offered a choice between business as usual candidates I'll take the one who might just possibly keep the government's mitts off my money.

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