Thursday, July 30, 2009

Geezer Chic

"I remember back in the summer of Aught-Nine, it was hot.  I bought a pair of plaid pants from some outfit in Buffalo. Mathilda Grunewald goosed me at the post office, she was so excited. 

"That's the way it was back then. If a gal goosed you when you were wearing plaid pants, it was assumed you'd be married.

"But I showed her. Joined General Snodgrass' Allied but Disoriented Brigade and fought the Bermudans in Iceland. Came back a hero, and Mathilda'd been knocked up by Hiram Witherspoon, the game warden, and up and moved to a tarpaper shack along the Quogaquogue."


Unknown said...

Love it!!!

Tony Ventresca said...

If you're not careful, Patrick, you might end up as the next Garrison Keillor!