Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Style, or It's Great To Be Fat, Ugly, Middle-aged, Broke and Living in the Sticks

The Connecticut Yankee, a long-defunct men's shop in Salisbury, lives on in the area's thrift shops. 

I came across a group of short-sleeve sport shirts with the store's tag. Great shirts, beautiful, light, airy fabric.

Far too much tan today, but it's a summer thang. Plenty of time for the serious, sober stuff when the wind is howling and a 25 degree day seems like a heat wave.

(The stuff: LL Bean jeans; belt by Leatherman, Ltd. of Essex, Conn.; watch strap from Central Watch; Timex EZ Reader for the geriatric in your life; sport shirt from the Connecticut Yankee via the Bargain Barn, Sharon, Conn.; Bass Logan loafers.)


The Cordial Churchman said...

I just found a Leatherman, LTD nautical flag belt in Little Rock for $3. Been looking for something like it for a good while. I like yours, too.

Tony Ventresca said...

I'm not qualified to comment on "ugly", but assuming the camera adds pounds, you're not "fat". The rest is obviously true - don't forget to add "under-sexed" - but at least you're well dressed!

Patrick said...

TV - Sex is one of the topics I am not going to discuss here. However, feel free to share your own triumphs!

Depending on frequency, we could make it a regular sidebar - "The Score According to Big Tony."

The Adventures of Daddy Rabbit said...

B*tch, Please. You're lovely.