Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hitler Under Glass

The Madmen of Mandoras (or They Saved Hitler's Brain) provides a rare treat for conspiracy buffs who have long suspected some dirty work at the bunker in April of 1945.

In this scenario, a team of scientists preserve Hitler's brain and take it to South America. And because a brain with a mustache would look silly and not at all dictatorial, they save his entire head.

The DVD has two versions of the film — one with a silly sister in Capri pants who teaches the Mandorans aboutrock and roll, and one with a team of dopey secret agents who get killed off in short order by the evil Mandoran gang, who look like The Blues Brothers.

Both versions are short.

Lots of dungeons, and because they are below the Equator, the swastika is backwards. Lotsa laffs, especially when they've got Hitler under glass in the back seat of the Packard (below). Three coils.

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Unknown said...

Man, I remember see that movie when I was a kid. It was like a midnight "horror" special on our local ABC station. The ABC station back then was notorious for showing crap. I remember their 10pm newsman came on drunk with his toupee on backwards.