Monday, March 29, 2010

Baa Baa Ha Ha

Black Sheep is a spectacular film about mutant sheep that get loose, bite people and turn them into weresheep.

New Zealander Jonathan King wrote and directed this ovine glopfest, which is in the Shaun of the Dead/Evil Dead category of clever, funny horror flicks.

The fun starts when Grant the hippie activist steals a cylinder holding a mutant sheep. Being a hippie, he breaks the thing and gets bit.

His cute accomplice makes her way to the farm and sort of hooks up with the good son. The bad son, who has a Bruce Campbell manner to him, is the one creating the mutant sheep.

This Kiwi Klassic moves fast. The sequences make their point, get their laughs and move on. And, thankfully, the special effects are relatively primitive, and we don't get the kung fu/room moving around/video game crap that computer animation geeks insist on.

We're talking hypocritical hippies. Attack sheep. Weresheep. Clever use of ovine flatulence as a motif. Biplane with dangerous spinning propeller. Many gallons of blood. Gobs of guts. The politically incorrect screenplay skewers so many sacred lambs you could serve shish kebab. No nudity, disappointing as female lead is certainly worth seeing nekkid.

Best thing I've seen in years. Three and a half coils.

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