Monday, March 15, 2010

Pushing Spring

It wasn't all that spring-y but I tried to push it along Sunday, deploying a seldom-used chambray shirt in the process. I won't wear a dark blue dress shirt — looks too much like a "Law & Order" character — but the color is fine in a sport shirt.

Also dug out a pair of Wal-Mart jeans that are the best-fitting of their kind, at least for me. Alas, they discontinued these non-blue jeans some time ago.

In my long-running battle with jeans I have come around to Dr. Hobson's stance — any color except blue.

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Kurt F. Weist said...

This is a nice bad-ass "Steve McQueen" stride. What happened to real guys in real clothes? I know that's been an obsession/observation of yours over the last decade. And it's spot on. Oy, the kids today. (And by that, I mean young and middle-aged men. Basically, anyone younger than me who seems to have NO style or is just plain logo-cized by idiotic marketers.)