Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Moronic Convergence

Damn, I missed the cosmic group hug yesterday:

The next CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION DAY GLOBAL quiet SUNSET MEDITATION & Group Hug is Monday Aug. 9th wherever you are on Earth at the moment the Sun sets at your location. Here is a link provided by Paul Haunch to determine when sunset is in your location (Thanks Paul):http://www.gaisma.com/en/


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Ridiculous. You might be interested to know I observed my first live drum circle a few weeks ago!! I had heard of such things but had never seen one in the flesh, so to speak. Quite a spectacle. I wasn't sure whether to laugh at the smug liberals and hippies, or to beat the shit out of them. Happily for them I did not have with me my hippy-b-good bat that day.

Roy said...

When I went I wore my OCBD, Alden cordovan Indy boots, Bills, with 13/4" cuffs, O'Connells blazer (no darts). I thought a tie would be too formal for the occasion.