Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nobody Does It Better

Nobody said "evil" better than the late Peter Cushing.

In 1958's Horror of Dracula (the U.S. title for the first Hammer Dracula picture) Cushing's Van Helsing uses the word "evil" three times.


Other characters use the word too, but in a very humdrum manner.

Other actors have pronounced "evil" this way too, but none with the earnest cheesiness of Peter Cushing.


J.P. said...

Nice to see you posting again.

Patrick said...

I've been fishing and covering a suabbling school board. Sometimes simultaneously. The fish are easier to get along with.

Tony Ventresca said...

Let's see that Magnum PI hawaiian shirt posted. How's the fishing book?

Unknown said...

I love school boards. People who get into politics who invariably know nothing about running a school, and then try to add their own personal agenda to the curriculum.
I have got to retire....