Thursday, September 16, 2010


I watched about two-thirds of The Vampire Lovers (1970) last night, and to my disappointment Peter Cushing hadn't said "ee-ville" by the time I realized I needed to go to bed.

But I was struck again by the immortal Ingrid Pitt, who for a while there was about the best example of female pulchritude in the B-movie world.

Here she is putting the moves on one of a succession of upper class twit-ettes in The Vampire Lovers, and doing her patented Dance of the Obscure Fertility Cult for an incredibly stoic cop in The Wicker Man.

Note: Alert reader "The Blogs etc." correctly points out the fanny in question is Britt Eklund's. I should have known that. I'm leaving the photo anyway, it's too good.


The blogs I'm following said...

Surely that is Brit Eckland in The Wicker Man - although it is often said a body double was employed?

Charles said...

being such a lucky guy you get to finish it tonight

Patrick said...

Ah, yes, correct. I should know that.

Tone Loki said...

It's definitely a body double.. She refused to participate!

The blogs I'm following said...

Actually it's more complicated. Ekland was filmed doing the dance and is indeed shown in the frontal shots. However she refused to allow the rear shots to be used and without her knowledge a double was employed to repeat them.

Incidentally Ingrid Pitt does appear in the film as the librarian.