Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fishing 2011 — First Blood (mine)

Somebody tell Nike I'm available for less than 10 percent of Tiger's price

Spring is just a rumor in Deep Hollow

Deep Hollow. It sure looked trouty.

Ten-Mile Creek. Massive flooding last month makes access easy now, but in a month the banks will be a solid mass of that $%^#! multi-flora stuff.
No sign of the remaindeer, hahaha

I couldn't stand it anymore. Tossed some gear in the car and went over to Dutchess county, N.Y., to take a whack at Deep Hollow and the Ten-Mile River between Amenia and Dover Plains somewhere.

Didn't even see a trout. Nobody else did either.

Found some deer remains and barked my shin well enough to draw blood through waders, chinos, and long johns.

Summary — lots of stumbling around; lost three flies; rainy and cold (spring is only a theory in Deep Hollow); shins; two cigars; absolutely pointless.

Hooray! Fishing season!


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