Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NFL 2011 week eight — Leap of Faith edition

My power went out Saturday evening and didn't come back on until a couple hours ago.

Same story at work, and when we hastily put together our newspaper at another office in New York state today, there were a bunch of us vying for computers and no time for fooling around.

So you will just have to believe me when I state that I went 8-5 on week seven (that you can check) and 11-2 for week eight.

I picked Miami plus 10 because the Giants have a gift for floundering in what should be easy games.

I picked the Rams plus 13.5 because I just don't trust college spreads in the pros. In week seven with the Rams that wasn't the case (Dallas beat them 34-7), but in week eight it was and then some (they beat New Orleans 31-21).

And so on.

With two winning weeks in a row the record is nearing .500 (49-53-2). Believe it or not.

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