Thursday, November 10, 2011

NFL 2011 week ten

Oakland visits San Diego tonight, and it's on the NFL Network. The one I don't get for the same reason I don't get HBO and a lot of other stuff — I can't afford it.

Every so often somebody raises the idea of a la carte pricing for cable television, and it always dies a quick death.

The NFL Network is a particularly egregious bit of marketing — six weeks of Thursday night games, maybe a playoff game or two? And the remainder of the year's programming is what, exactly?


Anyway I think the Raiders can keep this closer than one touchdown, so I like the underdog to get Week Ten started.

Sunday morning...

And I was right. Oakland defeated San Diego 24-17 Thursday night, which means the overall record going into this afternoon is 57-59-2.

The Jets are giving 1.5 to New England tonight and so am I.

And after last week's performance I can't pass up the Giants plus 3.5 at San Francisco.


Pit -3 at Cin
KC -3 vs. den
Jax -3 at Indy. I'm fed up taking the Colts on the "they've gotta win sometime" theory.
Buf + 5.5 at Dal: This spread is a mystery to me, but I'll gladly take it.
Hou -3 at TB
Car - 3.5 vs. Ten
Was +4 at Mia
NO even at Atl
Det + 2.5 at Chi
StL + 2.5 at Cle
AZ + 14 at Phi: When does this Dream Team crap end?
Sea + 6.5 vs. Bal
Min +13.5 at GB

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