Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Cunning Plan for 2013

See this critter? He's Davy Wotton, a Welsh fly-fishing guru who somehow wound up on the White River in Arkansas.

I don't know how he got there and I don't care. I'm glad he did, though, because he's done well enough guiding and so on to release a DVD called "Wet Fly Ways" which has completely changed the way I fish.

Well, not completely. Before I was hipped to "Wet Fly Ways," I had been doing something similar to his three-fly rig, albeit with two flies.

And I have been fishing soft hackle wet flies for years.

So the cunning plan is to master the Wotton Way, and adapt it to a two-fly setup for smaller rods and streams.

The explanation of this, highly entertaining and with photos, will be my ticket into the highly paid world of Trout Freelancers.

Which will in turn enable me to retire to Montana, and only come to the door when beautiful young women, clad in nothing but hip boots and a pleasant expression, arrive to ask for help with their knots.

That and counting my money will keep me happy.

That is the cunning plan.

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The Govteach said...

Believe it or not, the Texas Parks and Wildlife is going to stock a local lake with 500 trout here in SE Texas. They do so in both January and again in February.