Saturday, January 5, 2008

NFL '07 playoffs - first round

I am sick so I don't have the mental capacity to figure out what the season record was. It was below .500 for the second straight year, I know that much.

Lemme hear ya say "D'oh!"

(Speaking of "D'oh!", I finally saw the Simpsons movie and was struck by the sheer brilliance of one little throwaway bit - Homer holding the pig upside down to get its footprints on the ceiling, while singing "Spider Pig, Spider Pig/ Does whatever a Spider Pig does...")


If you were really going to put money on the pro football playoff games the best way to do it would be the money line, since all but one of these spreads are so miniscule that the picks almost amount to straight up bets anyway.

But I'm sitting here with a head full of yick thinking about Spider Pigs and the notion of explaining the money line for the 11 people who read this stupid blog just doesn't hold much appeal.



Redskins plus 3.5 at Seahawks: Washington hits playoffs with the hot hand.

LATE CORRECTION - Saturday, 4:10 p.m. -- Line shifted to Jaguars minus 2.5 at Steelers: I think the loss of Willie Parker makes Pittsburgh's offense one-dimensional, plus Jax has hot hand (see above). But Pittsburgh plus points in their own building? I'll take it.


Giants plus 3 at Buccaneers: This depends entirely on New York pounding the ball and keeping Tampa's Jeff Garcia off the field. It would also be nice if young Master Manning could avoid lobbing the ball to the opposition.

Chargers minus 9.5 vs. Titans: San Diego coach Norv Turner has a remarkable gift for the FUBAR, but it's hard to imagine Tomlinson not accounting for at least seven of the nine and change.


Max D said...

I have to say that my interest in the NFL is done for about 8 months. The Texans staggered to their best-ever finish at .500.

Do you have any more thoughts on the Simpsons movie? I tried watching it, made it about 20 minutes or so, but couldn't stomach any further. The gags are tired and/or contrived. I think they should have made a movie around 1998 and then called it quits. I really don't understand how all of the critics can say things like, "Seventeen years and still fresh!"

Anyway, sorry to hijack your handicapping of the wild card games.

Unknown said...

Eleven people! Surely you misunderestimate us.

Also, possible blog fodder: Stephen Colbert's "Sports" chapter in I Am America (And So Can You).

BTW, your house in Scarsdale still stands, or it did four days ago. As does Edgewood Elementary.

Patrick said...

Three for four; only the Redskins let me down.

The Simpsons movie was fun, but not a knock-down laff riot by any means.

But hey - it was short.