Monday, January 7, 2008

Style Report, Jan. 7, 2008: Behold the Ugly Tie

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Thrifting is fun not only when a true gem is unearthed and purchased for a pittance. Sometimes an item appears that is so ghastly it must be acquired, if only to be carefully stored and brought out for very special occasions, like human sacrifices.

This beauty was lurking beneath a pile of lesser, moderately distasteful neckties at the Bargain Barn.

Note the serial number, presumably so the artisan can be traced and arrested. Note also the width of the tie's blade as compared to the hand.

I sent it along to a friend, Cyrus H. Snodgrass, headmaster of the Potzrebie Academy for Boys in Torrance, Calif.

He writes:

Dear Sully -

Many heartfelt thanks for the excellent tie. As you can see in the attached photo, the explosions complement the pink and blue polka dots of the pocket square quite nicely. One of the boys promptly had a seizure upon viewing it the first time - a most gratifying reaction.




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