Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Cinema - Side Vents and Silencers

An Internet Gentleman always dresses for the occasion - even a go-kart track.

"Yeah, we're the admissions guys from Brown."
"Uh, Cornell, right?"

Angie takes one from the Gipper.

Don Siegel's
The Killers (1964) doesn't owe much to Ernest Hemingway's story but it does have the two of the most stylish bad guys in screen history - Lee Marvin as Charlie and Clu Galagher as Lee, the hit men who can't figure out why their target (race car driver Johnny North, played by John Cassavetes) "just stood there and took it."

And we get Ronald Reagan slapping Angie Dickinson.

This is a nice, tight film noir, minus the lighting. Everybody in the film is either a creep or an idiot, but they all know how to dress.

Charlie's suit is particularly nice, with side vents that can't be more than six inches, if that. And Lee's nicely rolled buttondown collar is evident in the Florida steakhouse scene.

A certified CACA classic, worthy of the Iron Coil.

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heavy tweed jacket said...

Lee Marvin's bad-ass cool is something that Mad Men can only wish for. Sharkskin, Raybans, and porkpie...makes me want to turn up the ska really really loud. The Man At C & A.