Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pure Evil

A reporter's life is one of drudgery relieved by occasional bursts of excitement and action. There is an enormous amount of waiting around. Everybody - especially politicians - is late. The light is bad for photographs. The batteries in the camera die. The pen explodes in the breast pocket. The weather rarely cooperates.

And, if caution is not exercised, the reporter fortifies himself with endless cups of coffee and sugary junk, usually while sitting in the car, waiting.

Some evil soul put this candy corn kernel on my convenience store coffee cup yesterday, and I immediately went out and bought nutritious, portable things. I managed to lose almost 20 pounds since July, and I am NOT going to turn into El Gordo again.


Terry Cowgill said...

I think the corn fell out of my old files.

Anonymous said...


Great blog, as a reporter/editor myself with The Journal of Martinsburg, West Virginia, your comments on our business are only too true.