Friday, October 10, 2008

Updated American

In another attempt at tweaking the Trad, here is a two-button darted Brooks jacket, a Brooks point-collared shirt and the classic Brooks tie; forward-pleated flannels from Ralph of Long Island and Allen Edmonds Sanfords. (Plus the usual fripperies.)

All these elements save the shoes would not pass muster as strict Ivy elements, yet I think it would be hard to call it "fashion-forward" or - gasp - "Italian."

I'm not too sure about the grey/olive combination, however.


heavy tweed jacket said...

Patrick, You are a lot closer to Ivy than a lot of guys usually get, and anyway there's no need to get blueprinty about it. The grey/olive works for me as does that brilliant lo-fi desk.

Giuseppe said...

I second HTJ on the steel desk, and I second you on forward plated flannels.

Rules are for litle kids and suckers.

Tony Ventresca said...

I like Updated American, but then you knew that.