Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More from Boston

I lived in Boston from 1984-1989. Allston and Watertown, to be precise. Worked as a messenger downtown, so walking around there is fun. It has certainly changed — especially the area around the Downtown Crossing T station, which wasn't quite so vertical 20-plus years ago.

And the Combat Zone, well into its decline when I was around, has vanished completely — another victim of the Internet.

Note slightly blurry skater. An element of the coveted "National Geographic" style of photography.
"Meanwhile, Torvill and Dean fight over the Zamboni man!"

Yrs. truly with the State House dome in the background. The Massachusetts State House boasts one of the highest concentrations of human mediocrity ever measured — 17.48 dumb remarks per square inch in 2004.

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