Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sports shirts

I've been trying to incorporate sports shirts into the look. I dislike the open-collared dress shirt approach — to me it appears the guy forgot his tie, or had to ditch it because he got soup on it.

And while a dress shirt with a buttondown collar looks okay sans tie (oxford more so than pinpoint or broadcloth), it still seems wrong somehow.

I have picked up a number of sports shirts from thrift shops and guys on the clothing sites. This plaid from the Bros. Brooks arrived today.

Since I attacked the gym with renewed vigor a couple of weeks ago I can now wear this lightweight McGeorge sweater again. It is very unforgiving to anyone with a gut, and mine is somewhat less pronounced than it was. And getting smaller.

(Not that it will make the slightest bit of difference. The only women who find me attractive are either insane or on Social Security.)

Lands End grey jeans — two points about these. The cut allows those of us with no rear end to at least avoid having acres of superfluous cloth flapping around back there, and if you dislike jeans, which I generally do, having them in colors other than blue makes them less objectionable somehow.

LL Bean Signature mocs. I like them, they are comfy and sturdier than you'd think.

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