Sunday, October 24, 2010

Utter Madness

A young guy I work with was pondering buying a blazer. "You've got one, right?" he asked.

Now there's a loaded question. I have 10 on hand, in fact.

So how many blazers does a guy need?

The litany:

Two Brooks hopsack three-button sack blazers, 3/8 lined (whatever that means besides not a full lining). One's sleeves are slightly shorter than the other, so I wear them with the appropriate shirt.

One Southwick version of the Brooks. A little bigger in the chest, and a little more shoulder. I'll use this with a sweater or odd vest.

One "Lacrosse for Lewis of Hilton Head, S.C." two-button sack with pewter buttons and a full lining. This one has the best shoulder of the lot.

One mystery maker black two-button sack. I have this in case I need to look like a hipster, which never happens.

One "Bozzano" English cut two-button, darted, with twin vents and full lining. Also plain silver buttons, which I vastly prefer to those ersatz crests on RTW blazer buttons. Heavier fabric, goes well with pleated flannels and weaters and other colder-weather gear.

One unstructured cotton LL Bean jobber, inexplicably darted but great if I know I'm going to be stuck in a meeting that will get progressively hotter.

One Brooks linen darted two-button, which should be a summer coat but with the full lining really isn't.

One Burberry 6 x 2 double-breasted with twin vents, in case I need to look like some yachting wanker.

I also have a heavy flannel or camel hair, I can't remember, Brooks blazer still in storage.

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