Thursday, January 20, 2011

Holy Grail Time

Maybe describing a new old stock white buttondown shirt from the late, lamented Huntington Clothiers of Columbus, Ohio as a Holy Grail is a stretch.

But Huntington supplied my shirts for my post-college years, when I lived in Boston and made about $400 a week if I was lucky.

And now, thanks to the magic of eBay, here is Huntington again supplying a shirt. (I now live in rural Connecticut and, er, make $400 a week if I'm lucky. But unlike Huntington, I'm still here.)

This shirt is at least 15 years old. Still in the wrapper, still has the pins in it.

In those days half a dozen shirts ran about $125 with shipping. They advertised in the New York Times Sunday magazine, I think. I'd clip the ad, fill it out, mail it off with a check and a couple weeks later receive a box of Made in USA oxfords, plus a nifty little catalog with some fancier shirts, $40 jobs. Ritzy stuff.

I don't actually need another white shirt in the rotation right now, so I think I will instead construct a shrine for this one.


Unknown said...

$400 a week... Wow. I teach high school seniors and several are wanting to go to become " serious journalists" and then I tell them about the pay....Hell, I have 3 kids( ex-students ) of mine at Sam Houston State University ( thinking they are the next Dan Rather) as I write this....What in the Hell are they going to do when they receive their B.A. in Journalism?
BTW: Lost my father this past June and he was somewhat of a clothes' horse, I found three Huntingtons in his closet.

Patrick said...

$400 after taxes and health insurance, I should say.

It's just enough so I don't qualify for anything. I am not officially a member of the working poor.

A degree in journalism is a handicap. Tell your kids to major in something else, like history or economics, and learn to write AP style as an intern.

3button Max said...

great posts.super find on -(late and lamented huntington)-shirt- bought some blazers form them 20+ years ago