Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ugh. New Year's Trip.

I think I have perfected the Northwest Corner-to-NoVa run now. This time I went from the Washington Beltway to Interstate 95 to the Baltimore Beltway. Once there I headed towards Towson and followed the signs for Interstate 83 to York, Pa.

From there I-83 runs the traveler into I-81 in Harrisburg, minus the scramble and construction delays and other assorted crap of the Leesburg-Gettysburg-Harrisburg route. (Lotta burgs there.)
I-81 north to Scranton, pick up I-84 east to Port Jervis, N.Y., take the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge (with great view to the south of brooding mountains over the Hudson) to the Taconic Parkway north to US 44 at Millbrook and onwards easterly into Lakeville, Conn.

In contrast to the ride down, seven and a half hours (four pit stops), 410 miles. $1 in tolls. Heard Debbie Boone's "You Light Up My Life" for the first time in years and marveled at what an absolutely awful production it is, in every possible way.

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Roy said...

In October I drove down to Florida from Portland, ME. Took 95, to 495to 84 until 81. Some of the trip, particulary 84 beyond New York, is beautiful. I wouldn't want to do the trip regularly, but I sort of enjoyed it. It's a long haul, especially with the shorter days of fall. Took nigh 2.5 days.