Friday, January 7, 2011

Loafitation (more to come)

This post started as an end run around my antiquated computer's inability to handle Photobucket. I discovered how to post photos to the blog and then use that URL plus the [img]...[/img] thing to post photos on message boards. Cumbersome but there it is.

The thread on FNB was about who's got the fattest beefroll. Sounds vaguely obscene if you have a resolutely filthy mind — which I do.

From the top: Sebago in a waxy leather that I believe was discontinued. It is an unusual shoe and looks best with jeans, I think.

Next is the modern-day Sebago in the dreaded brush-off finish. I find them superior to the modern Bass equivalent. I think the construction is better and certainly the finish is far less plasticky. (Now someone will chime in with proof that they are al cranked out in the same factory in El Salvador.)

Then there's an older Bass, still made in the U.S.A. These have been resoled by me once and I think by the previous owner.

And finally my favorites, Johnston and Murphy Aristocrafts from their Made in U.S.A. days. I'm not sure if this is the "Ski-Moc" — and frankly I never understood that name anyway. What does it have to do with skiing?


LLP said...

Do you have an opinion on the beef roll or flat finished/stitched down vamp? I wonder to myself if the difference is a regional or trad thing vs prep thing...?

Patrick said...

I have plenty of the latter. It all depends on how dressy you want to be — or what your clunk quotient is. Some Alden styles look downright slipper-ish to me.

Certainly the beefroll has an iconic status.

LLP said...

Thanks Patrick. Greatly appreciate your blog, the humor, the refreshing candor.
I'm a late starter -- not until I was past 40 did I give attention to my daily dress and what that might be communicating or have the courage to admit that I cared. Additionally, I enjoy your reviews and method of rating films. Good stuff, always worth reading.