Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The last time I put in an order with Ellie for bow ties she thoughtfully included this orange and blue number for my consideration.

And like the ill-mannered oaf I am I forgot all about it until last week.

So file it under "Better late than never."

Ellie's a versatile lady who is married to a guy named Andy. Andy started posting photos of bow ties his wife made, on the Ask Andy site. (Different Andys.)

Andy (who is married to Ellie) was promptly inundated with requests along the lines of "Gimme gimme" and "Me too." (A feature of my personal mythology is that I was the first.)

And now there's a nice little business venture with classy — and affordable — bow ties. Check it out.

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otsheylnik said...

I love it. And seriously you should wear your glasses all the time. To approximate a line from Orgazmo "not to sound gay or anything" but they add gravitas, or something. And unicorns are kick-ass.