Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Faint Feeling of Fall

It's been mighty cool for mid-August around here, with the daytime thermometer not getting much above 75 F. Which means, among other things, that some of the heavier jackets are making their way back into my life.

Including this elderly houndstooth sack jacket from the late great Huntington Clothiers of Columbus, Ohio. My father used to get his shirts from them; they ran a small ad in the New York Times Sunday magazine for years.

Their jackets occasionally pop up on eBay, and I found a very cool checked suit with their label once.

I'm thinking Hard(er) rather than What The Hell these days. WTH invites comment, either derisive or appreciative. Hard invites a punch in the nose. Cool, but mean.


Anonymous said...

Very nice jacket.

initials CG said...

What happened to Huntington Clothiers? I still have a ton of their shirts; they last forever. They had a great selection of American classic accessories like brass collar stays, watches, shoes. All at very reasonable prices. I always looked forward to receiving their catalog every month.

BTW, great look. I'd love to know how the hell you organize all your clothes...

Anonymous said...

What are the shoes? They look like Alden NST, but I know you are a cheap bastid ;).

Patrick said...

Huntington went south around 1990, I believe. There was an eBay seller that had a lot of deadstock a couple of years back, but he's disappeared too.

I can't organize my clothes - I just try to keep them from overrunning the bed.

The shoes are Footjoy "blemishes," which appear occasionally on the Golf Locker web site. About $90 shipped and I have yet to see a pair (I have four) that are noticeably blemished. A bit of stray stitching sticking up, maybe. The site also has closeouts for a very reasonable price. I find they compare favorably to Allen Edmonds in terms of comfort, fit and looks. Perfect for my job, where things tend to get destroyed.