Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer Colors On The Skids

The forecast was at odds with the reality; the official wild guess from the National Weather Service had missed the mark by a wider margin than usual.

Instead of humid and mid-80s, it was humid and low 70s, until it rained, when it was humid and high 80s, until the cold front blew through, and it was dry and high 60s.

Oh, wait a minute, I am describing the "climate control" in the facility where I earn my clothing allowance.

Looking for a way to continue the sort of harder Ivy look the new FNB board has infected me with, I came up with this inexpensive grouping of an eBayed 55/45 wool/silk BB jacket in a muted and pastel-like plaid, LE non-iron white pinpoint bd (overstocks), Paul Stuart knit tie (thrift), LL Bean twills with the labels cut out and sold mega-cheap by Sierra Trading Post, and new El Salvador Weejuns that are starting to show signs of wear, finally (new but hardly dear at $90 shipped).

Plus a haircut from Mario. I work with a gay man, a very amusing guy who sounds the warning when my hair gets too long (or, in my case, bushy).

He knows this elicits a conditioned, practically Pavlovian response from me. All he has to say is "Hi, Fluffy," and the next morning I am opening the barber shop.

"Mario, that guy I work with called me 'Fluffy' again."

"Well, I guess we'll have to de-Fluff you. Have a seat."


Anonymous said...


As always, I enjoy your postings.


Odymon said...

Pat- I've looked through most of your posts from the last two months, and I must admit, not only do I enjoy your posts, but I'm surprised how well put together your clothing choices are. I must admit, I would never in a million years, have pegged you as having any sort of sartorial genetic imperative, given your complete lack of style in junior high and high school. Please keep the blog going.

I am truly happy that we have reconnected.

My wife on the other hand is frightened of you. it was the tin foil hat, I'm afraid.

Tony Ventresca said...

Yeah, the shorter hair makes you look harder. Listen to your co-worker.