Saturday, January 30, 2010

Big Steve, Under Glass

Under the Dome Under the Dome by Stephen King

My rating:
2 of 5 stars I got about 400 pages in and gave up.

The New England archetypes are amusing as always, but Big Steve was taking forever to set it up, and if you can't get it done in 400 pages it ain't worth doing, I'm sorry.

Hardcore fans will love it, I'm sure. View all my reviews >>

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Max D said...

I have not read this particular tome, but I think your point re SK is well taken. I have some pals who, especially when we were high school, college age, loved this guy's novels. I tried reading "It" and "Thinner" and it was painful. I never understood why the gent was so popular, especially given the corny movies.

Mind you, the guys who loved King novels were also the ones who totally grooved on Rush. We all went to a Rush concert about four years ago and I noticed (1) how few girls were in the audience, relative to the dudes and (2) that the air guitar guys could have a real battle royal contra the air drum guys.

The foregoing notwithstanding, I like the Family Guy gag where Brian the Dog runs over a guy, thinking it is Stephen King. Once he finds out it's Dean Koontz, he backs over the guy.