Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Style (continued)

Okay, it's snowing a bit, off and on. But it's not especially cold, and the heat's cranked in the office.

And I bought a gym membership, so I'm running hotter than usual.

Solution — skip the sweater and go with a substantial tweed that's partially lined, thus providing warmth for outside, but not so much to make me hot inside.

And silk long johns, which are standard operating procedure in northwest Connecticut until, oh, Memorial Day.

The late lamented Footjoy shoe company made these excellent split toes with a Vibram lug sole, perfect for sloppy weather. I just wish they'd had a couple pairs in a darker brown during their farewell sale.


tewhalen said...

Oh wow, those shoes are amazing.

heavy tweed jacket said...

That is an a tremendous tweed jacket. A patriarch among tweeds.