Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blatant and Shameless

I tidied the other day, because a lady was coming over and I didn't want her to think I live in a goddamn cave.

As usual, I got distracted when trying to force some sort of order on the stacks of CDs and books, fly boxes and stray bow ties, and unearthed the 2001 record We Are the Boggs We Are

I popped it in and it still sounds like someone got drunk at Folkways Records and let the really weird stuff out of the vault.

This is punk roots country, I guess, in a similar vein to what the Pogues did in Rum, Sodomy and The Lash, minus the Irish bathos.

If anybody can understand the lyrics please write in and tell me what they mean.

So be good and go to the Amazon link and buy it so I can make 13 cents.


heavy tweed jacket said...

That Pogues album was great! I'd kind of forgotten about that. Also liked the Mekons. I need to give this Boggs CD a listen.

Odymon said...

That was great but my fave was "If I should fall from grace with God." Nothing like a duet between Shane McGowan and the late, great Kirsty MaColl.