Monday, May 24, 2010

Bloomers and Bat Boys

Connecticut Attorney General Dick “Richard” Blumenthal is now revealed as a lying weasel. He’s been saying, or allowing people to believe, that he served in Vietnam. He didn’t. He served during Vietnam, which isn’t the same thing.

It is tempting to hop on the high horse and demand that Blumenthal not only drop out of the Senate race, but should resign from everything, give his wife a power of attorney, and emigrate to a bat cave in Tierra del Fuego.

But upon sober reflection, we believe Blumenthal should stay in the race for the Democratic nomination, and indeed should be elected to the Senate. Any man who can lie in public about military service for years — and think he won’t eventually get caught — is so loathsome, so vile, and so filled with hubris that the only logical place for him is the United States Senate.

Besides, it would be pretty rough on the bats.


Anonymous said...


Hope we'll be reading this as a JOurnal editorial ;)

Patrick said...

It was the in-house alternative editorial.

Tony Ventresca said...

What always confuses me is why serving in Vietnam is a litmus test for patriotism. That may explain why a war is needed every couple decades so a new breed of politician can claim they "served" in it.