Monday, May 24, 2010


Pushing 80 and everything's green (except my wallet).  I haven't dug out all the warm-weather stuff yet, and at these temps this silk blend, vintage Brooks Brothers jacket is a little on the warm side. Time for the poplins.


Unknown said...

Ha! Pushing 80F. We had 95F this afternoon......ANY jacket is warm down here this time of year.
BTW: Love the outfit.

Unknown said...

Would you be so kind as to pass on the model# of the timex watch face pictured in this post? I am hoping to find/buy one and hopefully that will help.

Patrick said...

It's a Timex Easy Reader (EZ Reader?). It lights up. Got it for $5 at the thrift shop a couple years back. The lugs work with an 18mm watch strap. No idea what the model number is, it's an older one and I think they've revamped since then.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the reply. I contacted Timex and they seemed to think it was made specifically for sale for a business (other than Timex) under a business contract. They asked if it had the numbers 916 engraved on the back.

The search continues.

Patrick said...

On the back it reads:

CR 2015 CELL (that must be the battery)

WR 50M (water resistant 50 m?)


M6 (that's the only thing that looks like a model number)

No "916"

Unknown said...

I really appreciate all your help. I am afraid it seems unlikely that I will be able to track one of these down.