Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hail Gym

The gym routine is starting to pay off. I clocked in at 165 lbs. this morning, and I couldn't pray my way into these 34 x 29 chinos a month ago.

That's right, 34 waist. (They're actually a hair under 35, I measured, but it's the perception that counts.)

I am now officially Pudgy, as opposed to a Fat Slob.

Some time back I bought a couple of Lands End slim-fit shirts because they were so cheap. I tried one on and immediately rejected it. But now...


Charles said...

Hard to imagine a 34" waist as pudgy. I can't even remember when I last had a 34. Getting to 36 is a dream. Maybe 34 is when you get to start wearing those high waisted pants and 6 button shirts. They don't make shirts with enough buttons for me.

David V said...

Come on!
My goal is 165 and those 34 x 29 chinos.

Slim! That's what it is.

Patrick said...

Yeah but I still slop over the edges. I want to be Sculpt-O-Man. Then I can get some tatts and grow one of those little beards and wear backwards ballcaps and generally behave like I am 28, not 48. Yo.

Sophie said...

Your work has paid off handsomely. Well done.