Thursday, December 9, 2010


"I'd walk half a mile for a cup of convenience store coffee that tastes like drywall!" And I did.

That shiny new Cuisinart percolator conked out after a month or so. But I found a drip maker at the Bargain Barn for five bucks.

That one morning without a coffee maker of any kind was hell, however. No caffeine. Have to smoke outside. Starter motor in the car shit the bed, too. WTF all around.

I really hate it when things don't work. There — I said it.


Old School said...

A French press never conks out.
Trad technology!

Highly recommended.

Farrago said...

Oy! When the coffee maker breaks down, all hell breaks loose. Bad mojo in the old horoscope?

Sophie said...

I love the manic glint in your eye!