Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I'm tired of this guy. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), who has never done a blessed thing in his life except feed at the public trough. I mean, dedicate his life to public service. Sorry.

What kind of weenie gets a 1600 on his SATs, goes to Harvard and Harvard again (undergrad and law school) and then immediately runs for the state legislature?

The kind of weenie for whom publicity is more important than money, that's what kind of weenie.

And along the way he's become so convinced of his own personal marvelousness and the infallibility of his beliefs that anyone who dares disagree with Mr. Harvard wants to drag us back a couple of centuries.

Here is His Excellency, mouthing off to the president via "Good Morning America":

My advice to the president is compromise when you can, but when people are being unreasonable, and we have hard right people who seem to be wanting to move us back to the 19th century, draw some lines in the sand and fight,” Schumer said. “Try to compromise first. Do everything you can, but don’t give up your core fundamental principles. I think the American people will respect that.”

Obama makes his first semi-sensible move in two years and to Mr. Harvard he's a sellout. Anyone who disagrees is unreasonable. Schumer's idea of compromise? He wins.

I'm still a registered Democrat, for obscure, atavistic reasons. I keep hoping that regular Dems will come to their senses and give the lefties that have hijacked the party the bum's Rush Limbaugh. (Ahahaha.)

Alas, I am not sanguine about this prospect.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I think the explanation is pretty simple: it's about power and control. His career trajectory has been quite natural for someone like him.

Schumer, of course, is a member of the Tribe and as such is plugged into the Tribal power network that controls both the Dems and the GOP, as well as government, foreign policy, Wall Street, Hollywood, media, etc., etc.

It's a Tribal thing. The goyim wouldn't understand.

Looking at his photo, it immediately strikes me that Schumer looks like one of those deranged Bolshevik apparatchiks that slaughtered millions of Eastern European Christians in the 1920s-1930s.

Gerard said...

Not a reflection on you Patrick - but the comment above is extremely anti-semitic. Brazenly so.

Patrick said...

I think Laguna's taking a stab at satire.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Yes. Satire. 100%. ;)

Patrick said...

Thanks for clarifying.

It was either that or you're a horrible bigot who has suddenly developed Tourette's.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Honestly, do you really think the silly names bother me? Hardly. As long as you know I know that I can, and will, make my voice heard, brazenly so.

Patrick said...

I think you caught Gerard a little off-guard, that's all.

I see your point about the Bolsheviks. Schumer looks like a better-fed and groomed Trotsky. A little beard and a few months living on beets and they'd be in the separated at birth class.

Gerard said...

Well I missed the satire so my apologies. Would not be the first time I was slow on the uptake. Perhaps my commnets should have directed at the quality of the satire--but many of my jokes aren't funny as well. All three of us are aligned on the quality of Chuck's contribution to society. Then again, we elected a community organizer president, so words like "productive" and "contribution" don't have the same ring any more. Anyway, apologies for the diversion. I need to go study the OPH and see what I should be wearing today.