Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Layers, Textures, Colors

Haven't done much on clothes in a while.

So what to do when the weather finally flips and our extended autumn ends? Layer up, baby.

And dig out those odd vests. I bought the things one year from Orvis on sale and they've been mostly sitting ever since.

The fat wool tie is from the estate of Hugh MacMillan, a local notable. A friend of mine inherited a storage bin full of them.

No way to look svelte when sporting this many layers. Oh well, who cares.

Details: J. Press sack tweed; white oxford buttondown by Mercer and Sons; lined L.L. Bean chinos; Orvis blue herringbone vest; Johnstons of Elgin scarf; Hanna hat; no-name hankie; BFB (big fat bastards) shoes with a commando sole. Most of this was acquired from thrift shops, eBay, other enthusiasts or on sale.


3button Max said...

well done Patrick-dapper as ever .happy new year

SUM said...

Who makes the shoes? They remind me of the country walkers I grew up with.

Patrick said...

Shoes are Peals (aka Brooks Brothers) — not idea who actually makes them. But they sure are sturdy.