Saturday, January 14, 2012

NFL 2011 second round

Last week's 2-2 was not helpful. Who knew the Falcons would fold up like that?


It goes against the grain not to pick a home underdog but I think the Saints will cover the 3.5 at SF. Just too much offense.

And in "GQ vs. Jesus," while I respect the resilient Broncos, the fact is just a few weeks ago the Pats put up 41 against them. I don't like the 13.5 spread, because New England has a habit of just squeaking by, but in this case I will concede it.


Baltimore -7.5 vs. Houston: I've thought all season that the Ravens were, pound for pound, the most balanced AFC team. Texans have overachieved to get to this point.

NY Giants + 7.5 at Green Bay: So I like the underdog here — and not the Broncos _ why exactly? Because I think the New York has the ability to do what the Chiefs did to the Packers a few weeks ago and keep this thing closer than this spread.

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