Saturday, January 21, 2012

NFL 2011 — Almost Super

Monday morning: Ha. Nailed it.

I've been at .500 for the playoffs so that means with three games remaining if I pick everything right I can finish the season at .500 on the nose.

This is what passes for excitement around here in the winter. The sky darkens at about 3:30 p.m., the people snarl at each other in the checkout line, and the only girls I know are either half my age or have more children than teeth.

NY Giants +2.5 at SF. I like the Giants here because a) they are on a roll and b) I think they are marginally better than the Niners, and an excellent definition of "marginally" is two and a half points.

Baltimore plus 7 at New England. Shredding the Denver defense is not the same as playing the Ravens. Sorry, it isn't. Ray Rice out of the backfield is another offensive kettle of fish as well. Joe Flacco is no Brady. He might not even be a Tebow. But he can hand it off. Pats will win this but by their classic field goal.

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