Monday, May 14, 2012

Haunted Stream

Furnace Brook in Cornwall Bridge, Conn., is right up the street from Housatonic River Outfitters and a logical place to duck in when the big river is too high for all but the craziest wading fishermen.

There are ruins of an old furnace here, which makes for some interesting scenery and, more important, creates some nice deep lies where fish can survive even in the dog days of summer.

In fact, the Housatonic tributaries stay relatively cool all summer, which is why come June 15 it is illegal to fish within 100 feet of where a trib empties into the big river. That reg stays in effect until Sept. 15, I think.

Furnace Brook is also on the Mohawk Trail. (I think that's the name.) It's also near the Dark Entry property, and the ghost town of Dudleytown, where Blair Witch ninnies celebrate Halloween by getting arrested.

See discussion here.

So you might not want to fish the brook at night, on the full moon, and be sure to tuck a little vial of holy water, a crucifix, and maybe a sharpened stake or two in your fishing vest.

Recent trip — got a nice brown right off, on a big fat red Humpy, size 12. Silly fish. That's how it goes on these little brooks (below).

Very close quarters here, which is why anyone interested in small stream fishing should get a L'il Streamer rod. I have the 5 1/2 foot for 5-weight line, critical to turn over heavier flies.

Yonder be spooks. Stay out of Dudleytown.

Remnants of furnace create good deep holes.

With my gentleman's C in "Rocks for Jocks," I can say with certainty that these specimens sure are purty.

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